Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The End of the Rock Era

Most of you know our son Brock bypassed the normal security items such as a blanket, binki or stuffed animal and instead became dependent on rocks for self-soothing. From the time he was 14 months old, it was rare to find Brock without at least one rock in his hand. Of course it couldn't be just any rock - that would be too simple. They had to be smooth and/or shiny rocks. I can confidently say that there are absolutely no smooth, shiny rocks left to be found on our property.

Most of the time Rod and I would get a kick out of our son's choice of security item. It was pretty endearing to watch, especially when friends and family would show up with a rock they had spotted and give it to Brock who would be so genuinely thankful for the gift. However, there were also times Rod and I cursed Brock's love for rocks as we searched the couches, toys, cars and all corners of the house for a special rock so Brock could take his nap. We also didn't like how Brock would only suck his thumb when he had a rock in his hand.

It was the thumb sucking that was the rock era's undoing. Brock looked at the big bump on his thumb that he has from sucking his thumb and asked Rod: 'Daddy, why do I have this owie on my thumb"? Rod answered: "That owie is from when you suck your thumb". After a minute of reflection Brock stated: "I don't think I need rocks anymore". And that was it. It's been close to three weeks that our little man hasn't needed or asked for a rock. Sorry family - rocks will no longer due for gifts. :-) Here's a few pictures to reflect on the 'rock era':

Rod and I have been going through the house collecting all of the rocks to redeposit them in our yard. Upon our recent trip to the beach, I decided to hold on to them for now.....


  1. Andrea, what a sweet post! That's a story I hadn't heard about Brock and it made me smile. :)

  2. Oh...cute Andrea! But so sad. How sad is it when their little character traits change. I love the pictures..I used to always try to spot them in your photo albums. They were almost always there!

    Love to you guys!