Sunday, April 5, 2009

Watch out for Mother Bear

My mother is a WONDERFUL mother but I think my sisters and I would agree that she is not the 'calm, cool and collected' type - especially when it comes to anything and anyone who might hurt one of her children. Although I truly appreciate her passion and devotion to us, I have tried to teach myself to keep a cool head in uncomfortable or stressful moments. I'm definitely not always successful but I do try. I really want to be a parent that doesn't react on emotions before thinking things through.

I got a big helping of humble pie the other day (and a new appreciation of my mother's willpower), when I picked Brock up from pre-school and upon asking him how his day was, he responded with a tear in his eye "I'm sad because Sean told me I wasn't his friend anymore". It's a good thing little three-year old Sean wasn't within arms length of me at the moment because Momma Bear's claws were out! I was surprised at how emotionally and physically upset I got. Logically I know that kids from 3 to 18 are in friendship fights every other day but emotion blanketed logic and I was absolutely crushed that Brock's feelings were hurt. Tears stung my eyes and I had to take a few breaths before I was able to comfort him.

Boy do I have my work cut out for me! This is just the beginning of fights, hurt feelings and misunderstandings between my children and their friends. I need to somehow learn to reign in Mamma Bear now! (Note -Brock and Sean were back to being best friends the following day).

On a lighter side of things - Brock had plenty of fun things to say last week though. Here are some latest 'BROCKISMS':

Too Much Info

My neighbor Rhonda and her daughter were coming over for a play date with Brock. When they arrived at the house my husband happened to be using the facility. As our guests were entering the house Brock came running to greet them and proceeded to yell:

'Stop! Don't go into the bathroom. Daddy's going Poo Poo and he needs some privacy!!

Needless to say, we couldn't help from bursting out in laughter when Rod joined the play date.

Cruel Honesty

Brock gave me the incentive I needed to continue on my diet the other day. I was changing my shirt and Brock came up to me and patted one of my love-handles and said:

'Wow mommy - that's really big. Look at my belly, it's flat'.

With that...I'm off to the gym.


  1. Ha! I love that. I can't wait for all of the embarrassing things Jonah will say! ;)

  2. Great story. So many mama bear tears to cry I'm sure. And I'm sure Rod loves the advertising just as much as Mitch. Ha!