Monday, March 23, 2009

To Blog Or Not To Blog

As usual, I am not one to jump on the band wagon of any trend until it appears to no longer be a trend (i.e. capri pants, pointy shoes, online social networking, and I have yet to get an ipod). And, truth be told I'm not sure if I'll really end up being a Blogger or not. I have enjoyed many of my friend's blogs although all are much more talented writers than I. I especially enjoy those who write wonderful experiences and thoughts about their kiddos. After hearing a coworker of mine who writes a hilarious Blog say that writing a Blog can be one of the best things you do for your family, I was immediately filled with guilt that I was not doing the best by my children (an ever-present worry).

So now I sit at my computer, where I already spend 8 hours of my day, to start my journey in the blogging world and hopefully feel like a better mother today than I was yesterday. In all likelihood this blog will be added to the long list of projects that I started with the best of intentions but end up abandoned. Who knows -maybe I'll surprise myself.

First thing first - here we are. The Fleming family consisting of myself, my husband Rod, our 3 year old son Brock, our 1 year old daughter Reagan and our 4 year old dog Mr. Bosworth (BOZ). Yes - the average American family and I will be the first one to acknowledge just how blessed we are.

My goal is to update my site once a month. A pretty high goal but we'll see how it goes.


  1. do it, DO IT! it's fun! AND, if you don't keep a journal it'll help you remember what happened when!

  2. So excited to see you blogging...I have a hard time getting motivated to blog at times, mostly because our friends are so freakin' talented when it comes to writing and story telling. Just try hard to post cute pictures, a funny thing Brock said that day - anything. You'll be so glad to have these memories to look back on, especially seeing as how your memory is lacking at times :) Can't wait to read more!

  3. Welcome to blogging. Andrea, I enjoy your writing style. Give yourself credit where it is due. Oh and hug that beautiful family of yours for me...yes, that means Rod too!

  4. Let me start by saying I AM THE WORST FRIEND EVER! I got in such a rush at the end before our move that I never called you. I should be back (hopefully soon) when our house sells so I can take care of packing it up though so I definitely want to see you then. I can't wait to keep up with you through your blog, if you keep up with it. I hope to see you soon!