Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sibling Bonding

The other day the kids were in the back yard while I was trying to throw something together for dinner. I kept waiting for the yelling, fighting or wining that would pull me away from the task at hand but all I kept hearing was laughter. Then all of a sudden it hit me - my kids were actually outside, playing with each other and having a blast! I stood in my kitchen and watched them out the window and just enjoyed the moment. I was getting a little glimpse of what I know is to come - hours upon hours of brother and sister entertaining each other in play (I pray). It seems like every day since then Rod and I are getting longer moments of peace and laughter with the kids playing happily together. In fact just tonight Rod and I watched Brock and Reagan play a game of peek-a-boo/tackle that had us all grabbing our stomachs with laughter pains. There's no better laughter than laughing with your kids.

Brock's funny quote of the week:

On a family walk Brock sees an American Flag and says: "Look mom and dad - it's the American Idol Flag!" We're still trying to figure out how he came up with that.

Some of Reagan's 'Firsts':

Reagan is walking full time now. Her waddle is so cute to watch and she is so very proud of her new skills. She also is talking up a storm! Goodness this girl is vocal! Words she has down pat now are: Thank you, Please, Ball, Book, Bottle, Juice, Bozzy, Tree, Mamma, Dadda, and just the other day she got Brock down. She had been calling him bubba but now she goes through the house yelling 'Brock' whenever he's not in sight.

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