Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hablas Espanol?

I originally started this post with thoughts of sharing the frustrations Rod and I have with our very emotional three year and 1/2 year old but who wants to read about our stresses when they have their own? Instead, I thought I would post a few 'funnys' the kids have done recently that can make me smile even during the chaotic stressfull times.

1. I discovered that my son believes he knows a lot of Spanish by a conversation we had in the bathroom. While going potty Brock tooted. He started laughing and said "Mamma, I farted". I was surprised he used that word because Rod and I haven't yet introduced that word to the kids. I replied to him saying "Oh, you mean you tooted". Brock replied matter-of-factly, "No mom, I farted. It's Spanish for tooted".

2. Almost anything Reagan does makes us laugh these days, even her temper tantrums. She gets so mad if we take something she wants away from her, (usually because she isn't supposed to have it in the first place). She will stand in one place, stomp her feet and scream until her face is red. Then forget all about being upset in the next five seconds.

3. Brock was showing his neighbor friend Jeremy his new bike the other day when he took a turn too sharply and crashed. I know that if it would have been just me in the yard with him, there would have been tears and drama. But since Jeremy was over he popped up, brushed himself off and said "Just doin my job".

4. Similar to the story above, Brock fell off his bike again in front of a friend and this time busted out with a ' Just part of the Plan'. Where he comes up with this stuff - I have no idea.

5. Brock wanted to tell me a story the other night (one of his antics for delaying sleep time). He story went as: "Jesus was in his big-big house (we heard the Big-Big House song earlier that day on the radio), and he started to get scared because he couldn't find his people. He didn't know where they were but then his mommy and daddy came and he wasn't scared anymore".


  1. LOVED the stories - Brock is hilarious! Definitely made me laugh and made a rough day you.

  2. That is TOO funny Andrea! Who knew Brock would be bilingual?!?! :)